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Samsung Explore – Inspiración para que logres una vida mejor conectada Samsung Explore | Samsung Bolivia


Google Duo en el Galaxy S20

Mantén la presencia en la oficina mientras trabajas desde casa. Haz videollamadas en alta definición y sin demora.


Samsung DeX

Aumenta tu eficiencia con múltiples dispositivos y pantallas al alcance de tus manos.


Galaxy Note10

La experiencia de una computadora, una consola de juegos y una cámara profesional, todo en un dispositivo móvil.


QLED 8K 2020

Experiencia cinematográfica desde la comodidad de tu hogar.


Galaxy Buds+

Sonido de calidad de estudio y llamadas nítidas, sin importar dónde te encuentres.


Aplicación Samsung Health

Ahora es el momento de tomar el control de tu salud y tus hábitos.

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Happy #InternationalWomensDay 🥳 Cheers to all the women who wear different hats. 🎩👒 Gentle and strong. Vulnerable and capable. Here’s a shortlist of photos of women, taken by women #withGalaxy.How would you best describe the women who inspire you? We’d love to hear in the comments 🔽📸: @paloyh  #GalaxyS21Ultra@sanwarimahajan #GalaxyS10@poroshina.ph #GalaxyS20
Honour the women who've made a huge impact on your life by capturing them in the best light #withGalaxy.Whether it’s a female mentor or a childhood friend, tag #withGalaxy so we can feature and honour them with you!Which women in your life have been your greatest source of inspiration or motivation? Share with us below 🤩📷: @rankinarchive  #GalaxyS21Ultra
#InternationalWomensDay is coming up real soon, and we need YOUR photos of all the epic women in the world! Tag #withGalaxy in your posts for a chance to be featured. Check out our stories for tips on how to capture portraits of women standing tall & proud!📷: @andres.k_ #GalaxyS10@piboonwat #GalaxyNote10Plus@kassiey8 #GalaxyA70
“As a travel and nature photographer I feel it's always necessary to never leave anything behind. It makes me uncomfortable to see waste anywhere, as it reminds me of how we’re exploiting nature.I always try to do my part to make sure that the natural settings around me remain clean and in its purest form, just the way it’s meant to be.”📷: @ibardni  #GalaxyS20UltraLet’s keep shooting with Earth close to our hearts 💚🌎. Don’t forget to hashtag #withGalaxy to show us your shots!
Ever noticed that ‘heart’ and ‘earth’ are made up of the same letters?💚🌎Tap on our stories for reminders on what you can do as a photographer to capture, and protect, the planet you love. 📷: @mblockk  #GalaxyS21Ultra
It’s common to experience self-doubt as a creator. Get a morale boost with these quotes to build confidence and become better in your craft! 🙌Check our stories for more wallpapers with daily affirmations, which you can save to keep yourself grounded to your creative goals.📷: @tonsohot  #GalaxyNote20Plus@gaia_kwon #GalaxyS21@chaanviid #GalaxyNote20Plus
Who’s your 2021 #Valentine?🥰Crush, 💑 Long-term partner, 🐱 Pet, 👴👵 Parents, 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Squad, or 🙋‍♂️ Yourself?Put your new photography skills to good use and show us your precious Valentine moments, whoever it was spent with! Remember to tag #withGalaxy too. 📷: @olyamayertattooer@jj_nikodemm@decadance@leonardo.dpc
Family is a little world created by ❤️.. What better time to celebrate the love of family, than during #LunarNewYear?Use the tips and tricks you’ve learned, and share your best family portraits by tagging #withGalaxy!📷: @kirarista  #GalaxyS20Ultra
Portraits of 💕 from all over the world. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate ALL the people you love: mothers, cousins, friends, teachers, the granny who walks by your place every day… Everybody’s got a story of love to tell – capture #withGalaxy to share them with the world 🥰📷:@ishotonsamsung  #GalaxyS20Ultra @saravutwhanset  #GalaxyNote20@theionao #GalaxyA51
“Strong love exudes protectiveness, warmth, respect and positive energy for another person, and that’s what inspires me to shoot.”📝&📷: @gesitwisnuprakoso  #GalaxyS20Sending 💜 to all of you who shared your shots of 💛 #withGalaxy. Our hearts are so full, and we hope yours are too!
What’s your love language? 🥰 From acts of service to words of affirmation, there are so many ways to express your 💕 for those close to your heart. Capture how you show your love #withGalaxy!Swipe on for love goals – and check our stories for more! 📷: @mylittle.happiness #GalaxyA50@saravutwhanset #GalaxyNote20@zakiyya_hennaart #GalaxyA71
💯Props to each and everyone of you who spread positivity, calm and joy by snapping shots of blue #withGalaxy. You “BLUE” us away by venturing into snowy landscapes, reaching mountain peaks and showing us that the sky’s the limit!📷: @maritbe  #GalaxyS20Ultra@theunfoldingplay #GalaxyM31
Who knew colors could impact our well-being? 🔵 🌊 Blue is a color that can make us feel calm and serene. It represents the healing nature of water, and the freedom of the skies. We want to harness the power of blue to evoke a sense of calm everywhere on Instagram – and help everyone tide through stressful times. Give us a hand by injecting the beauty of blue onto your feed and tag #withGalaxy.📷: @giftllee  #GalaxyS20@czechintown #GalaxyNote20Ultra
All 100% of you are ready for an adventure in 2021, but here's our community-voted #2021BucketList!🌳 71% of you will change a habit for the environment👫 69% of you want to explore together in a group📱 67% of you can’t wait to show off new gadgetsKeep shooting #withGalaxy this year and may the best come your way!📷: @sahilkdm  @algiffary.ag @niko0o0o  @aljahorvat
#withGalaxy, you’re not just shooting a video – you’re bringing real and meaningful stories to life. Hit us up with your questions about videography in the comments! ⬇️📷:@hamedbadami  #GalaxyS10@chun__vi #GalaxyS9Plus@karla.salva #GalaxyNote10Plus
#withGalaxy, anyone can be model material.Curious how to shoot in Portrait Mode? Drop us a comment with your burning questions! ⬇️ 📷: @kojoclicks  #GalaxyS9Plus@mickxths #GalaxyNote10Plus@anaciocanel #GalaxyNote10@m_dagnoni #GalaxyS10
#withGalaxy, no amount of darkness can hide your spark of light ✨If you’ve got any questions about night mode and low light photography, shoot ‘em in the comments below! ⬇️ 📷: @aomyeam_sog  #GalaxyS10Plus@supatjan #GalaxyS20Plus@its.celwine #GalaxyS10Plus
“2021 is the year I commit to developing my creativity. 2020 really changed me. I realised I needed to pursue what I really love, and that’s photography. It was my stress reliever last year, allowing me to express myself and share my perspective. So I promised myself that I will develop my creativity and work towards becoming a professional photographer in the future.”📝&📷: @arvietong  #GalaxyS202021 is the year we slay ‘em goals! Big shout-out to all of you who committed to your resolutions #withGalaxy on IG stories in the last week.
There’s no better time to hit restart than right now. Forget 2020 – what’s 2021 going to be like for you? The future is in your hands. Show us your 2021 goals #withGalaxy. Simply:1/ snap a photo on IG stories2/ search “2021istheyeari” on GIPHY to find our sticker3/ write your resolution4/ tag @samsungwithgalaxyHead  to our stories for more inspo 👆📷: @wcnxx  #GalaxyNote20
Hold tight, we’re coming for you 2021! Onward to a better and brighter times ahead #withGalaxy 🎇 Together, let’s “sleigh” the new year!📷: @kikufiak
We asked, YOU voted! Swipe for your top 4 from 2020.550,000+  captured moments,300+ featured creators, 1 amazing #withGalaxy community. Thanks for joining us on the ride & we’ll see you in 2021 😉📷: @urbanspark  @chyntiajuls  @sebastien.nagy @der.maki
Can we get a HO-HO-HOLD UP! It’s hard to believe the year is almost over. What better time to give a little thanks and smell the roses with our favourite people.Tune into our stories for more merry moments #withGalaxy📷: @alisonamelia_abroad  @_mademoiselle_laura_  @nurielmolcho  @photoluis_it
Sending a big shout out to everyone who made our More Of What You Love challenge so epic. Swipe for some of our favourite moments from the past 4 weeks!Let us know down below 👇  What MORE do you want to see in 2021 #withGalaxy?📷: @japro_16  @elle_bearkung  @poy_platong  @aylixen  @onthespot_hungary  @fer.portocruz @yarofello_photo  @ighelal  @aylixen  @aczacate  @inrayliao  @peemwong  @maximeprokaz  @sinyo.es @thepooh8
What a journey! We’ve been across the world and back through your road trips. You can still get inspired by the current #withGalaxy gallery and tag us in your moments.📷: @motornature  @lilou.e.b @jurgen.cellima @onthespot_hungary
We all love the blue skies of adventure. This week’s challenge explores exciting road trip memories past and present #withGalaxy. Is it about your crew? Your go-to getaway? Or the journey? Tag us to be featured in a 2021 vision board.📷: @tere.abumohor @bbcnkadraj  @fer.portocruz @aylixen